Our Network

Express Hosting UK is powered by a state of the art network utilising a vast number of technologies from industry's leading firms. Everything from hardware to software is chosen to provide the best possible uptime and performance to all services. This network is operated by our parent company, EX Networks.

Network & IP Transit

EX Networks operates autonomous system (AS) 35266, BGP network with multiple 10Gbps and 40Gbps connections. We have carefully selected Tier-I and Tier-II transit providers as well as establishing multiple peering sessions over the London Internet Exchange (LINX) to ensure optimal paths and best possible latency for our customers.

The network runs on Cisco chassis based routers and Cisco Nexus switches. Each data centre always has at least two discrete devices to ensure customers can have fully redundant connections.

Our Datacentres - Primary POPs
Global Switch London 2 Data Centre

EX Networks' main "point of presence" (POP) is the Global Switch London 2 datacentre, Europe's largest purpose-built datacentre.

The Tier 4 facility is situated in the London docklands and is underpinned by a minimum N+1 standard for power and cooling systems, delivering an optimal operating environment to clients 24x7.

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Other Data Centre Locations

EX Networks also operates out of several strategically located carrier neutral data centres located in the London Docklands, City of London, Greater London and the surrounding area.

All sites are a minimum of Tier 3 aligned and offer a resilient, secure, climate controlled environment in which to host your applications.

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