Rackspace and Colocation at BlueSquare Milton Keynes

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One of the very few tier 4 facilities in the UK, Milton Keynes is built to the highest standards, with an N+N redundancy level.

Being outside of London, Milton Keynes benefits from lower prices whilst still providing high performance. The data centre is on a separate power grid from the central London data centres, making it an excellent secondary site. Milton Keynes also has all core Tier 1 bandwidth providers available through the Express Hosting network. The Milton Keynes data centre is part of the Express Hosting multiple 10 Gigabit network and is connected to most major data centres across the UK and the Netherlands.

All customers are provided with direct access to our Network Operations Centre and all customers’ connections will be proactively monitored 24x7 by our team. Using the Milton Keynes data centre comes with all the benefits you'd expect from one of the largest private networks in the UK, such as high speed IP Transit at low prices, Interconnects to all other major UK data centres, and high volume data backup amongst many other services.

Site Specifications
  • 2 x 3 megawatt sub-stations (N+N)
  • G&M generators (N+N) with 30 hours of on-site fuel storage
  • N+N Chloride UPS system @ 10 minutes autonomy
  • A+B power feeds to each rack
  • Power up to 15kW per rack available
  • N+1 chilled water Air handling system with free cooling
  • 22 C +/- 2 C data floor temperature
  • 2-metre fencing and electric entry
  • Anti-tailgating systems
  • Entry to the buildings is via 24/7 swipe card systems
  • Multi layer entry and 24/7 on-site Security
  • Distributed Colocation Options
  • Premium Connectivity Services
  • Multiple direct Tier 1 providers over EXN network
  • 40Gbps of Direct Upstream Connectivity
  • Reliability of one of the UK's largest independent colocation providers
  • Interconnects available direct to over 25 data centres across Europe
  • Geographically diverse connectivity from London and direct connectivity to Manchester available.
  • Colocation space available from single U's to racks and suites
  • Restrooms and kitchen facilities available on all floors
  • 25,000 sq ft
More Information

For more information and a full range of services within this facility, please visit our parent company, EX Networks.

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