Rackspace and Colocation in Enfield, North London

Express Hosting UK is pleased to offer extensive colocation options in the Enfield data centre located in North London. This Tier 3 data centre is easily accessible by both road and rail, with it being located on a private business park just off the A10. The site benefits from being able to provide low latency connections to the Internet backbone in Docklands, thanks to its prime location.

Virtus, the operator of the Enfield data centre, specialises in the design, build and ongoing operation of mission critial data centres. This facility is backed and staffed by specialists who work with Express Hosting engineers to provide a 'best in class' service to our clients.

Colocation Offers

1U Server Colocation

  • 0.5 Amps (120W) Usable Power
  • 3 IP Addresses
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • 2TB Monthly Transfer
  • 24x7 Instant Power Control

£69.00 Per Month
£99.00 Setup

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2U Server Colocation

  • 1.0 Amps (240W) Usable Power
  • 3 IP Addresses
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • 2TB Monthly Transfer
  • 24x7 Instant Power Control

£99.00 Per Month
£99.00 Setup

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4U Server Colocation

  • 2.0 Amps (480W) Usable Power
  • 3 IP Addresses
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • 2TB Monthly Transfer
  • 24x7 Instant Power Control

£189.00 Per Month
£99.00 Setup

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More Information

For more information and a full range of services within this facility, please visit our parent company, EX Networks.

Site Specifications

Building Specifications:
  • Gross internal area 71,500 sq.ft.
  • 24/7/365 fully managed on-site NOC.
  • Two security guards on-site 24/7/365 with full monitoring.
  • HV incoming power supply of 8mVa.
  • 1,500W power density to whitespace.
  • 1070 rack capacity.
  • Trend Building Management System (BMS).
  • Mardix proprietary Power Management System (PMS).
  • 800mm floor void.
  • Hot-desking space available to on-site Engineers.
  • On-site build and store rooms.
  • On-site meeting rooms fully fitted out with AV provision.
  • Fully fitted on-site welfare area
  • Diverse fibre meet-me-rooms located at opposite ends of the building
  • Secure on-site parking
Physical Location:
  • Central London - 10 miles.
  • Junction 25 M25 - 2 miles.
  • A10 - 0.4 miles.
  • Heathrow Airport - 20 miles.
  • Stanstead Airport - 19 miles.
  • Oakwood Underground - 3.47 miles.
  • Southbury Railway Station - 0.12 miles.
  • Power mains supplied by dual 11kV HV incomers to separate on site sub-stations.
  • Minimum N+1 redundancy on power supply.
  • Eaton 9395 UPS deployed in N+N configuration with 10 minutes autonomy at full site load.
  • FG Wilson 2.25mVa Gensets deployed in N+1 configuration to support IT and cooling loads.
  • G59 protection relay package on Gensets to synchronise and run in parallel with mains.
  • On-site bulk diesel fuel tanks to support 72 hours at full load. Call out contract in place for 24/7 replenishment of fuel.
  • Diverse and dual electrical supplies to all essential plant
Climate Control:
  • Minimum N+1 resilience on chilled water cooling system.
  • Energy efficient 1,100kW Uniflair air-cooled chillers deployed in N+1 configuration.
  • Close control Stultz CRAC units provide conditioned air to technical space.
  • Fans and pumps controlled by variable speed drives.
  • UPS back up on pumps.
  • Temperature in technical space maintained at 24ºC (+/-2ºC)
  • Humidity of 60% (+/- 20%)
  • Additional tap-off points installed in chilled water pipework to support in-row rack cooling for higher density requirements
Fire Detection and Suppression:
  • VESDA highly sensitive early warning system is installed in the return air path of all Down Flow Units within the technical areas as well as in all floor voids and ancillary areas.
  • The detection system incorporates fire detection panels, break glass contacts, heat detectors or smoke detectors and alarms.
  • Detection system designed to L1+M in accordance with BS6266 and encompasses a combination of photo-optical and ionisation smoke detectors.
  • Fully integrated with BMS and mechanical system for plant shutdown principles.
  • Centrally stored and fully integrated Marrioff ‘hi-fog’ mist fire suppression system covering the entire data centre facility.
  • The facility is not exposed to typical single gas dump exposure.
Building Security:
  • 3m high palisade secure perimeter fence with pedestrian and vehicle entry gate.
  • External security gatehouse fully manned by NSI gold accredited security guard 24/7.
  • Internal security room fully manned by NSI gold accredited security guard 24/7.
  • Constant internal and external CCTV surveillance with all cameras linked to digital recorders and alarm incidents are recorded automatically.
  • All recordings archived for a minimum of 31 days.
  • All areas are protected by intruder alarms.
  • Physical access is strictly controlled through the use of access control lists and compliance with authentication procedures.
  • Secure man-trap entrances on both levels to whitespace areas.
  • Access throughout the data centre is managed using proximity card readers and PIN pads
  • All deliveries and loading areas benefit from security checks and are done under supervised conditions

Enfield Datacentre Virtual Tour

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Services Available:
  Single Server Colocation Available   Multiple Racks Available
  Multiple Server Colocation Available   Private Cages Available
  Server Management Available   Private Suites Available
  11U Quarter Racks Available   IP Transit Available
  22U Half Racks Available   Interconnects Available
  42U Full Racks Available   Managed Backups Available
  47U Full Racks Not Available   Storage Solutions Available
For Full Racks in Enfield:

Please contact our parent company, EX Networks.

Enfield Services

BGP IP Transit
Multihomed IP transit with multiple Tier-1 providers and over 200 peers.
Direct connections to over 25 datacentres around Europe
Storage Solutions
iSCSI & Fibre Channel storage solutions throughout the building
Backup Solutions
Onsite and offsite backup solutions including CDP Backups

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