Rackspace and Colocation at Global Switch 2, Global Switch London 2

Global Switch London (2) East is Europe's largest purpose-built datacentre with a gross size of over 700,000 sq ft and two incoming dedicated electrical feeds direct from the National Grid's 132 kV Network.

The datacentre is designed and built to an enhanced Tier III specification, delivering 45 MW of power and cooling. The facility is located in the heart of the UK's internet infrastructure, and is underpinned by a minimum N+1 standard for power and cooling systems, delivering an optimal operating environment to clients 24x7.

Laid out over ten levels, Global Switch London East was designed to the highest specifications, providing unparalleled flexibility and reliability. Being a carrier neutral datacentre, EX Networks can provide multiple connectivity options including; Tier-1 IP transit, Partial IP transit, Multihomed (BGP) IP transit and direct Layer 2 interconnects to over 40 datacentres across the UK and mainland Europe. Other services include iSCSI & Fibre Channel storage solutions, disk and tape backup solutions and a large range of colocation & rackspace options.

London East sits at the heart of the connectivity rich London Docklands giving you direct access to an abundance of global networks to meet both your commercial and geographical requirements.

Colocation Offers

1U Server Colocation

  • 0.5 Amps (120W) Usable Power
  • 3 IP Addresses
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • 2TB Monthly Transfer
  • 24x7 Instant Power Control

£99.00 Per Month
£99.00 Setup

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2U Server Colocation

  • 1.0 Amps (240W) Usable Power
  • 3 IP Addresses
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • 2TB Monthly Transfer
  • 24x7 Instant Power Control

£149.00 Per Month
£99.00 Setup

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4U Server Colocation

  • 2.0 Amps (480W) Usable Power
  • 3 IP Addresses
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • 2TB Monthly Transfer
  • 24x7 Instant Power Control

£239.00 Per Month
£99.00 Setup

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More Information

For more information and a full range of services within Global Switch 2, please visit our parent company, EX Networks.

Site Specifications

Building Specifications:
  • Purpose built datacentre from ground up.
  • Gross area: 705,498 sq ft.
  • Steel frame, concrete floors, metal faced cladding and glazing.
  • Typical floor loading of 10kN/m2.
  • 5m slab to slab height equating to 4.25m clear height to underside of deepest beam.
  • Raised floors with anti-static tiles and a minimum height of 600mm installed in fully fitted areas, providing minimum clear height of 3.65m to underside of deepest beam.
  • Column spacing primarily based on a 6m grid additional info.
  • Passenger lifts x 6 (8 people max per lift).
  • Goods lift (7.5 tonnes).
  • Dedicated 24x7 facilities management team.
  • BMS system monitors M&E operation within facility to:
    • ensure stability of the environment.
    • monitor key electrical and mechanical systems.
    • enable interface between key systems.
    • provide data gathering.
    • interlink life safety systems in the event of fire alarm activation
  • Minimum N+N redundancy on power supply.
  • Mains power supplied via 2 x 132kV incomers.
  • Diverse A&B supply, distributed via 11kV ring main units.
  • 3.1MW of power per floor plate.
  • Power/cooling systems supported by up to 33 no-break RotaryDiesel UPS sets.
  • On-site diesel tanks (4 x 119,000 litres) support 50 hours at full capacity with 8 hour, 24x7 fuel delivery callout contract in place.
Climate Control:
  • Minimum N+N resilience on chilled water cooling system.
  • Temperature in technical space maintained at 22ºC
  • Humidity range of 50% (+/-10%) in technical areas.
  • Up to 25 air cooled chillers installed, supplying 1.4MW of cooling per chiller.
  • Close control units (CCUs) provide conditioned air to technical space.
  • Diverse chilled water distribution pipe work (ring main type) throughout facility.
Fire Detection and Suppression:
  • Analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas (smoke and heat) with manual break-glass units.
  • Very early smoke detection and alarm system (VESDA) in the return air-flow of CCUs.
  • Gas suppression system using centrally stored Inergen to technical and selected landlord areas.
  • Sprinklers in corridors and selected plant rooms, with water ingress protection and monitoring provided where required.
  • Dry risers to all floors.
  • Smoke and gas extraction.
Connectivity and Telecommunications:
  • Access to multiple telecommunications providers located in dedicated Meet Me Rooms (MMRs), via diverse dedicated connections.
  • Diverse cable entry points (x4) with combination of 110mm ducts and 32mm sub ducts.
  • Basket trays in three-sided format to all data risers – fully access controlled.
  • Multiple connection points to each suite.
  • Roof space availability for satellite & antennae equipment within Global Switch.
  • Tier-1 Transit, Partial Transit and Multihomed Transit available.
  • Direct interconnects to over 25 datacentres across Europe.
Building Security:
  • Premises Controllers manage facility security 24x7.
  • Access control using proximity card readers.
  • Intruder alarms to all areas with external infra-red barrier.
  • Multiple CCTV cameras (interior and exterior).
  • Secure managed delivery and loading area.
  • Biometric hand scanners at suite doors.
  • Mantraps deployed at main entrance.
Building Photos:

Global Switch London 2: Building Exterior
Global Switch London 2: Entrance to Suite
Global Switch London 2: Fire Suppression
Global Switch London 2: Biometrics
Global Switch London 2: Racks & LV Switchgear
Building Exterior
Suite Entrance
Fire Suppression
Global Switch London 2: Fire Suppression
Global Switch London 2: CCU Units
Global Switch London 2: Racks
Global Switch London 2: Racks
Global Switch London 2: Servers & Lockable Racks
Fire Suppression
CRAC Units
LV Switchgear
Server Racks
Services Available:
  Single Server Colocation Available   Multiple Racks Available
  Multiple Server Colocation Available   Private Cages Available
  Server Management Available   Private Suites Available
  11U Quarter Racks Not Available   IP Transit Available
  22U Half Racks Not Available   Interconnects Available
  42U Full Racks Not Available   Managed Backups Available
  47U Full Racks Available   Storage Solutions Available
For Full Racks in Global Switch 2:

Please contact our parent company, EX Networks.

Global Switch London 2 Services

BGP IP Transit
Multihomed IP transit with multiple Tier-1 providers and over 200 peers.
Direct connections to over 25 datacentres around Europe
Storage Solutions
iSCSI & Fibre Channel storage solutions throughout the building
Backup Solutions
Onsite and offsite backup solutions including CDP Backups

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