Rackspace and Colocation at Global Switch 2, Global Switch London 2

Express Hosting unfortunately no longer offer colocation options in the Greenwich data centre.

We recommend our newer data centres in Enfield, Central London and the Docklands as an alternative for colocation.

Our parent company, EX Networks, offers the following services in this site:

Building Specifications:
  • Purpose built datacentre from ground up.
  • Maximum space of 11,200 Sq ft.
  • Two Data Floors.
  • Large Storage and Build Room (915 Sq ft).
  • Large Loading Bay (1721 Sq ft).
  • 500mm Raised Flooring with anti-static vinyl.
  • 24 x 7 Access to Equipment.
  • Car Parking Facilities
  • 2 x 500Kva Synchronized Emerson HiPulse UPS Units (N+N).
  • 5 x 500Kva Diesel Generators Parallel Synchronized to feed entire site (N+1).
  • Fuel Supply via 8 Hour "Day" Tank, 14 Hour "Bulk" Tank and multiple Fuel Contracts.
  • Diverse Power Feeds via 2 x 1.0Mva Dedicated Power Supply.
  • Dual A + B Feeds Available.
Climate Control:
  • Room Conditions: 21c, 45% RH.
  • Stulz CyberAir ASD863A Close Control Air Conditioning Units.
  • 8 x 80KW Downflow CRAC Units in each Data Floor (N+1).
  • 2 x 80KW Downflow CRAC Units in UPS Rooms (N+N).
Fire Detection and Suppression:
  • Independent Smoke Detection Systems in all Technical Areas. VESDA Protection in Plant & Server Rooms. Argonite Gas Suppression in all Technical Areas.
  • Multizone Water Detection in Data Floors, Meet Me Rooms, and Plant Rooms.
Connectivity and Telecommunications:
  • Access to multiple telecommunications providers located in dedicated Meet Me Rooms (MMRs), via diverse dedicated connections.
  • Dark Fibre to Global Switch London 1 and Telehouse East.
  • Multiple connection points to each suite.
  • Tier-1 Transit, Partial Transit and Multihomed Transit available.
  • Direct interconnects to over 25 datacentres across Europe.
Building Security:
  • Premises Controllers manage facility security 24x7.
  • Access control using proximity card readers.
  • Intruder alarms to all areas with external infra-red barrier.
  • Multiple CCTV cameras (interior and exterior).
  • Secure managed delivery and loading area.
  • Biometric hand scanners at suite doors.
Building Photos:

Greenwich Datacentre: Building Exterior    Greenwich Datacentre: Condensers    Greenwich Datacentre: Generators    Greenwich Datacentre: LV Room

Greenwich Datacentre: Data Floor    Greenwich Datacentre: Data Floor    Greenwich Datacentre: Fire Suppression    Greenwich Datacentre: Security & Biometrics

Services Available:
  Single Server Colocation Available   Multiple Racks Available
  Multiple Server Colocation Available   Private Cages Available
  Server Management Available   Private Suites Available
  11U Quarter Racks Available   IP Transit Available
  22U Half Racks Available   Interconnects Available
  42U Full Racks Available   Managed Backups Available
  47U Full Racks Available   Storage Solutions Available

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