Rackspace and Colocation in Reading, UK

The Reading data centre is located near Maidenhead. Link33 is a 60,000 square foot facility located in the heart of the Thames Valley, near to the Green Park technology area.

This carrier-neutral facility was founded by the management team that built the Spectrum House data centre in Maidenhead, a Tier 3 data centre with capacity for over 1000 racks. Its location makes it ideal for an affordable DR option.

More Information

For more information and a full range of services within this facility, please visit our parent company, EX Networks.

Site Specifications

Building Specifications:
  • 60,000 square foot facility.
  • Located in the heart of the Thames Valley, near to the Green Park technology area.
  • 2N Configuration.
  • Dedicated HV Network with diverse feeds from the utility operator.
  • 2N Transformers.
  • N+1 Generators - 2N available.
  • 2N Electrical switchgear in separate fire compartments.
  • 2N UPS in separate fire compartments - 2N+1 available.
  • Dual 32 amp feed to every rack footprint - up to 35kW 2N distribution available.
  • N+1 chillers with dual power supplies from separate switchgear.
  • N+1 separated and fully diverse pipework.
  • N+1 air handlers with dual power supplies from separate switchgear.
  • Underfloor, room and ceiling void fire detection system.
  • Inert fire suppressing gas system.
Building Security:
  • Perimeter palisade fence.
  • High definition digital CCTV with 90 day retention.
  • Access control system with man trap access restriction.
  • Staff on site 24/7.
Building Photos:

Reading Data Centre: Server Racks
Reading Data Centre: Perimeter Fence
Reading Data Centre: Power
Reading Data Centre: Fire Suppression
Server Racks
Perimeter Fence
Fire Suppression
Services Available:
  Single Server Colocation Not Available   Multiple Racks Available
  Multiple Server Colocation Not Available   Private Cages Available
  Server Management Available   Private Suites Available
  11U Quarter Racks Available   IP Transit Available
  22U Half Racks Available   Interconnects Available
  42U Full Racks Not Available   Managed Backups Available
  47U Full Racks Available   Storage Solutions Available
For Full Racks in Reading:

Please contact our parent company, EX Networks.

Reading Services

BGP IP Transit
Multihomed IP transit with multiple Tier-1 providers and over 200 peers.
Direct connections to over 25 datacentres around Europe
Storage Solutions
iSCSI & Fibre Channel storage solutions throughout the building
Backup Solutions
Onsite and offsite backup solutions including CDP Backups

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