Rackspace and Colocation Telecity Group Harbour Exchange HEX 8/9

Telecity Harbour Exchange 8/9 is the largest Telecity site in the docklands. Originally built in 2000, the site occupies 4 floors next to Telecity HEX6/7 and is located in the heart of the UK's internet infrastructure.

HEX8/9 sits at the heart of the connectivity rich Docklands giving you direct access to an abundance of global networks to meet both your commercial and geographical requirements.

More Information

For more information and a full range of services within HEX8/9, please contact our parent company, EX Networks.

Building Specifications:
  • Located in London Docklands.
  • Goods lift and Bay.
  • Onsite Cafe.
  • Raised floors with anti-static tiles.
  • Dedicated 24x7 facilities management team.
  • UPS system redundant parallel formation @ N+1.
  • UPS conditioned power @ N+1.
  • 2.2 MVA of power to building.
  • Diverse A&B supply to all racks.
  • 5MW Diesel Generators @ N+1.
Climate Control:
  • 6 CRAC unts in suite @ N+1.
  • Chilled water system through building.
  • Leak detection installed.
  • Data floor temperature 23C +/- 15%.
  • Data floor humidity 50% +/- 10%.
Fire Detection and Suppression:
  • Analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas (smoke and heat) with manual break-glass units.
  • Very early smoke detection and alarm system (VESDA).
  • Gas suppression system using centrally stored Inergen to technical and selected landlord areas.
  • Sprinklers in corridors and selected plant rooms, with water ingress protection and monitoring provided where required.
  • Dry risers to all floors.
  • Smoke and gas extraction.
Connectivity and Telecommunications:
  • Multiple providers including EXN, BT, NTL, Geo, Level(3).
  • Multiple connection points to each suite.
  • Tier-1 Transit, Partial Transit and Multihomed Transit available via EXN Network.
  • Direct interconnects to over 25 datacentres across Europe via EXN Network.
Building Security:
  • Premises Controllers manage facility security 24x7.
  • Access control using proximity card readers.
  • Multiple CCTV cameras (interior and exterior).
  • Secure managed delivery and loading area.
  • Visual verification of all persons entering the data floor
Services Available:
  Single Server Colocation Available   Multiple Racks Available
  Multiple Server Colocation Available   Private Cages Not Available
  Server Management Available   Private Suites Not Available
  11U Quarter Racks Not Available   IP Transit Available
  22U Half Racks Not Available   Interconnects Available
  42U Full Racks Available   Managed Backups Available
  47U Full Racks Not Available   Storage Solutions Available

Telecity HEX 8/9 Services

BGP IP Transit
Multihomed IP transit with multiple Tier-1 providers and over 200 peers.
Direct connections to over 25 datacentres around Europe
Storage Solutions
iSCSI & Fibre Channel storage solutions throughout the building
Backup Solutions
Onsite and offsite backup solutions including CDP Backups

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