UK Shared cPanel Hosting

Express Hosting UK take pride in offering an ultra-resilient service.

From our hardware to our software, no expense has been spared. Our network equipment and servers are of the highest quality from world renowned manufacturers including Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard and Dell. Utilising state-of-the-art technology we have built a fully redundant and high performance infrastructure.

Server Software
Server Hardware

Cloud Linux Hosting

Our shared infrastructure runs entirely on Cloud Linux, a distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and specifically designed to work with cPanel. Cloud Linux creates a secure and stable platform with dedicated resources for each account, preventing accounts on the same server from negatively affecting other customers.

UK cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel 11 makes your account management a breeze. It provides an easy to use GUI front-end for a number of common operations including: the management of PGP keys, crontab tasks, mail accounts, mail forwarders, FTP accounts, and mailing lists. The software is accessible from most modern web browsers enabling you to access your administer your web hosting account from anywhere with an internet connection in a fast and secure manner.

Please click here for a full list of cPanel features.

Express Hosting UK Utilise R1Soft CDP Backups

Our shared hosting packages also utilise R1Soft CDP Backups. All servers are backed up twice daily and unlike other providers customers have access to the last 10 backups. Through the cPanel control panel, customers can choose to restore their whole /home directory or specific files with the click of a few buttons.

Dual Intel Xeon 5000 Series Processors Dual Intel Xeon 5500 Series Processors - Some of the fastest 64-bit processors available on the market today. The Intel Xeon 5500 series of processors feature quad core technology, giving the server a total of 8 cores for maximum performance and reliability.

8GB+ DDR2 Memory24GB+ DDR3 Memory - Servers require large amounts of fast memory, our shared servers have a minimum of 24GB DDR3 RAM, however as we add more and more services we have the scalability to upgrade all servers to a maximum of 192GB.

High Speed SAS DrivesHigh Speed SAS Drives - All servers come with a minimum of 6 SAS drives running at 15,000 rpm in a RAID10 array ensuring your data is kept save and accessible at all times.

Dual Power SuppliesDual Power Supplies - Dual power supplies are a great feature for any server, one of the common causes for downtime is faulty or overloaded power supplies. Having redundant supplies eliminates this problem.

Dual Gigabit NICsDual Gigabit NICs - All servers feature dual 10/100/1000mpbs network cards with enhanced load balancing and redundancy protecting servers from link and switch failures.

Datacentre & Connectivity

The cPanel infrastructure is located in Telecity Meridian Gate in the heart of the Docklands. This offers a resilient environment for our web hosting platform.

The data centre is built to an N+1 specification, so that if any particular service fails - e.g. electricity or air conditioning another backup service automatically takes over the failed service's job.


You need to know the facility your data is hosted in will deliver uninterruptable power to support the critical infrastructure. Fully redundant and resilient power supplies, at a minimum of N+1, and maximum diversity and separation of UPS system and power distribution through dedicated A&B supplies ensure maximum uptime.

Telecity also provides back-up diesel generation at N+1 to support site load in the event of a failure of grid-power.

Network & Connectivity

Our infrastructure is supported by our parent company, EX Networks, who operate a multi-homed network utilising BGP 4 technology. Simply put, through them we have multiple connections to the Internet with different backbone providers. Not only does this mean that our servers are very unlikely to lose connectivity, but it also means that traffic moving to and from our network will take the fastest paths.

All our traffic runs though Cisco Systems hardware, who produce industry-leading network equipment. Everything from our core routers to our rack switches are developed by Cisco.


Telecity facilities feature totally comprehensive 24/7 security to keep your data 100% safe. We have the protection of security barriers, 24x7x365 monitoring by on-site personnel to include visual verification of all personnel entering the building and CCTV video camera surveillance

Entry to the site is via a swipe card system, ensuring nobody can access areas that are restricted.

Cooling & Climate Control

The temperature of the data centre is kept at a steady ~22C (+/- 2C) to allow optimum equipment performance by the air handling system (N+1 Redundant).

Many people underestimate how important proper cooling is, without maximum airflow and the implementation of hot and cold aisles, equipment is being placed at risk from thermal shut down, and even fires.

Fire Suppression

Monitored continuously from the network operations centre, Telecity's fire detection and suppression systems minimise the risk, and suppress quickly to localise and prevent problems spreading.

The system also features VESDA (very early smoke detection apparatus) which will let the NOC and local fire brigade know of any potential problems on the data floor.

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